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Profile Smalls (Thunder)_portfolio 2020.
Visual Brand Language Development

Profile 'Thunder' Toaster Oven

The GE design team approached me to help develop a new product from a recent acquisition. My challenge was to interpret GE Profile's visual brand language from their highly technology-driven, minimal and clean style, and intuitive interface to help create a function-driven product known as the Thunder Speed Cook Oven. The product will compete in the high-end small appliances market, with its ability to heat up in various cooking zones at different temperatures. This feature enables users to cook different foods at the same time at different temperature levels.

Team / 

GE Appliances, Small Appliance Team


Duration / 

3 weeks

My design process included developing new design concepts for the Thunder Speed Cook Oven, focusing on each detail: the textures, CMF, and interface, integrating the visual brand language of the GE Profile small appliances.

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