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Branded Package Design

Monogram Forge Clear Ice System


team / 

GE Appliances, Monogram brand team; First Build


duration / 

3 weeks

The Monogram branding team realized an opportunity for a new small appliance product, the Forge Ice System, originally developed by First Build. My task was to create the packaging for this product.

I collaborated with the Monogram branding team and First Build to develop the packaging for the Forge Clear Ice System

Forge Clear Ice System

a countertop, stand-alone ice maker created by the First Build design team in Louisville, KY. The Forge lives on your home bar, and produces a pair of large blocks of gem-shaped clear ice in about 4 hours and stores 8 ice gems at the ideal temperature. the patent-pending heated ice press transforms each gem into a clear ice sphere in about a minute, with virtually no pre-heat or recovery time.

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