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Kitchen Design | CES 2020


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GE Appliances asked their industrial design interns what the future of the kitchen looks like. We responded with a concept that was ultimately presented as part of the GE Appliances Innovation Lab at CES 2020.

The future has an emergency call for more sustainable practices and homegrown is a vision of a possible future. In this conceptual kitchen, all the steps work inside a cycle process - from grow, to store, to prep, to cook, to proper discard, to compost. All the possible resources and materials are reused or recycled to promote a zero-waste cooking process

Team / 

Chris Bissig, Design Manager

Sarah Currie, Design Manager

Abby Stark, Industrial Designer

Chi Zhang, Industrial Designer

David Shaltanis, Industrial Designer

Tati Ferrucio, Industrial Designer

Zhangyan Ling, User Interface Designer


Duration / 

August 2019 - January 2020

My role on the design team stretched from research, to managing prototype builds. During the span of the project, I developed the concept of the 'cleanup wall,' where you can find dishwasher, compost systems, and faucet innovation, improving the overall flow of the kitchen, and incorporating significant sustainable improvements. The concept began with the ideation design phase, and proceeded through the final CAD phase, used to build the final prototype.

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